In many companies, the current challenges are clearly defined: in addition to cost pressure, there is an ever-increasing need to adapt to the current opportunities and requirements of the market – and to do so in a continuous process. Not every employee manages to keep up.

This makes it even more important to:

  • consistently align the company with value creation for customers and markets
  • differentiate from competition with a high rate of innovation
  • change the management culture in such a way that employees are able and willing to keep up
Constantly changing demands of markets and the pressure from competitors lead to new questions:
  • How do I avoid stalling of information and ensure that the flow of information is maintained when management makes decisions and employees implement them?
  • What do I do when the demands of the market no longer match with competences of our employees?
  • How do I manage to turn company residents into active co-creators?
  • How do I manage the political smokescreen of important stakeholders?
  • How do I realize the know-how transfer of employees who leave the company?
  • How do I integrate new employees in a way that their innovative approaches are heard and have an impact?
  • How do I get the company out of the reaction trap and into the role of active market shaper?