Agile, hierarchical or hybrid? Dynamic changes in the environment, new strategies and untapped potentials often require a change in the organization. Thereby, very different options for organizational design, merger & acquisition, as well as (cross-)company collaboration in cooperations, platforms and ecosystems are possible.

hs:results works with you to develop new forms of organization and cooperation in order to optimize your value creation.  

These organizational changes are often accompanied by high attention and influence from various stakeholders. Resistance and uncertainty on the part of employees are the order of the day. A particular challenge is that the operational business should continue to run successfully “unaffected” during the reorganization.

Change processes proposed by hs:results therefore support the following goals:
  • The inclusion of the potentials of all stakeholders from different spheres of influence
  • A clear orientation for employees and managers on different levels
  • First impulses in the direction of a new organization already in the first phase of the project
  • Early development of a communication storyline with the core team